About Us

Why MLGs Was Started

In 2010, after spending more than 10 years teaching mathematics in primary schools, Mr Lawrence Ong resigned from MOE. In the same year, he joined Mind Stretcher Learning Centre and taught Math at P3 to P6 levels from 2010 to June 2016. Under his tutelage, many students did well and scored A’s and A*s for their PSLE Mathematics Exam.

However, after some time, Mr Ong saw that many students were struggling to keep up with their school work due to the increasing demands of the MOE syllabus and needed more effective lessons which could cater to their learning pace. Also, several students were unable to afford good but expensive tuition and enrichment lessons due to their financial background.

As such, Mr Ong established MLGS to bridge the learning gap between the better and weaker students. This is done by helping average ability students keep up with their school work in order to perform as well as their peers. Additionally, tuition fees are kept affordable so that all students would not be deprived of a good learning opportunity by NIE-Trained teachers.

Our Vision

To identify each student's learning ability and provide appropriate and effective teaching to bring out their maximum potential.

Our Mission

We are committed to help all students maximise their learning potential and achieve the best results they can. We are committed to provide equal and affordable teaching lessons for all students regardless of their family-income background.

Our Motto

Teaching with a Heart.

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