Group Learning

How big is a Learning Group? Will there be materials provided and who will be teaching?

The group size is up to 6 at our Clementi location. Lesson materials according to the latest MOE Syllabus will be provided. Mr Lawrence Ong (Founder of MLGs who is NIE-Trained and an ex primary school teacher with more than 15 years of teaching experience in MOE Schools and at a Premium Enrichment Center) will be conducting lessons for all Learning Groups.

If my child misses a lesson, will MLGs provide any make-up lesson or any refund?

Your child can join other similar level groups for their make-up lesson on the same week. No refund will be given if your child misses any lesson and is unable to attend the make-up lessons regardless of the reasons.

I would like to withdraw my child from the Learning Group, what should I do?

You need to give at least a week’s notice from the effective date of withdrawal. There will be no refund for any remaining lessons after the withdrawal date in the same month. However, we encourage you to speak to us before you make any withdrawal application so that we can better understand your concerns and help your child take the most appropriate course of action.

Will there be a trial lesson for my child to have a feel of how the lesson is like?

Yes. There will be a trial lesson which is free if you decide NOT to enrol your child after the lesson. You will have to pay the full monthly fees which is INCLUSIVE of the trial lesson if you decide to let your child join us.

What type of students does MLGs accept?

We take in ALL students especially those who are struggling in Math.

How do I register my child for your Learning Groups?

To register your child, please contact Mr Lawrence Ong at 9488 0750. If we do not reply you, we may be teaching and will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I make payment for my child who wants to join your Learning Groups?

Payment should be made before the start of the first lesson or before the start of the new month by Internet Banking to POSB Savings Account 421-13116-3 (Indicate your Child’s Full Name and Primary Level) or ATM Transfer to POSB Savings Account 421-13116-3 (Please inform us at 94880750 if you have made an ATM transfer). ​Please register your child first by calling us at 9488 0750 before you make any payment.

Can I make payment by cash if I am unable to go online to do Ibanking?

We will still accept cash payment but we strongly encourage you to make an Internet Banking to POSB Savings Account 421-13116-3 (Indicate your Child’s Full Name and Primary Level) or ATM Transfer to POSB Savings Account 421-13116-3 (Please inform us at 9488 0750 if you have made an ATM transfer), so that we can keep an online record of your payments.

Why is the class size up to 6 at the Clementi Learning Group location?

We want to keep the size smaller so that we can give more attention to every student.

Is there any registration fee or material fee if I am interested in signing up for the Math Learning Groups?

There is NO registration fee or material fee. You are only required to pay the monthly lesson fees.

When are the monthly fees due?

Monthly fee payment has to be made latest during the 1st week of every month. Please submit your fees punctually to avoid being discontinued from attending the lessons.

Do I still have to pay the full month lesson fees if I enrol my child after the first week of the month?

Yes. As MLGs is already offering low and affordable rates for all parents and also the monthly fees is regardless of whether it is a 4 or 5 week month, we will still collect the FULL monthly fees if you enrol your child after the first week of the month. However if the trial lesson (1st lesson) is on the last week of the month and you decide to continue, we will collect the full fees based on the next month.

Will there be a make up lesson if the lesson day falls on a Public Holiday?

Students who miss any lesson can join other similar Level Groups for their make up lessons on the SAME WEEK as their missed lessons. MLGs will also ensure that all students will still attend at least 4 lessons every month if there are too many Public Holidays by conducting make-up lessons as and when necessary.​​

Private Tutoring


Why are the Private Tutoring fees much higher than the Learning Group monthly fees?

Our Private Tutoring fees are already set slightly lower than the market rates for MOE Ex School Teachers as students are coming over to our physical location. As much as we want to help these students, we also want to be paid decently for our teaching services.

Can the Private Tutor come to my house to conduct lessons?

All Private Tutoring lessons will be conducted at our Clementi Location.

Will there be any make up lesson or refund if my child misses any lesson?

There will be make-up lessons subject to the tutor’s availability. Refunds will be given if your child misses any lessons due to valid reasons.

Can i stop the Private Tutoring lessons at any time and will there be any refund for missed lessons after the Stop Date in the same month?

Yes. Parents can stop the Private Tutoring lessons at any time. There will be REFUND for any missed lessons after the Stop date in the same month. Parents are advised to give at least a week’s notice and allow their children to complete the remaining lessons in the same month so that the Tutor can do a proper closure.

Why am i not able to pay the Private Tutoring Fees at the end of the month?

We have encountered certain parents who have refused to make payment citing various reasons. As much as we would like to help their children do well in their Math, we would also like to be recognized for our effort and diligence in teaching them through prompt payment before the start of the new month.

The Private Tutoring Fee is still quite high for me to afford. Is there any other way to pay lesser?

If you have difficulty paying the Private Tutoring Fees, you can enrol your Child in our Learning Groups where the monthly fees are much lower.

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