Heuristics Workshops


At MLGs, we want to train and equip Parents, Tutors, School Teachers and Primary School Students with the necessary Heuristics Skills to solve challenging problems more effectively. We conduct Workshops on Different Types of Heuristics throughout the year to reach out to as many of our intended audience as possible. Our various workshop details, schedules and important information will be posted in our Primary Math Heuristics Workshop Community Group. Join our Community and register for any of our workshops to get yourself empowered in problem solving!

Zoom Live Sessions on Fridays (8pm to 9pm)

To create awareness of the types of Heuristics we can use to solve difficult problems, we conduct Zoom Live Sessions on every Friday to show you a general view of how we can use these Heuristics to make our solving more effective. Join our Workshop Community to receive a Zoom Link to participate in our Sessions.

Click https://www.facebook.com/groups/primarymathheuristicsworkshops  to join our Workshop Community.

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