What Is The Future Of Tutoring?

The topic of change in education has been covered extensively in recent years. Just like the rest of the world, the education industry has experienced change at an unprecedented rate.

If your child is currently attending primary school, then you can expect to find his education journey to be vastly different from yours. He or she will likely experience new methodologies quite unlike any that you learnt during your childhood.

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Tuition Leads The Way

Tuition has often being at the forefront of change in education, with tutors introducing new teaching ideas to stay ahead of the curve. As such, if you are interested to find the future of education, then look no further than what local tutors are performing.

In 2020, tutors should be offering personalised and experiential learning experiences to your child. This results in an evolution from method memorisation to conceptual understanding. In many ways, this is an improvement for your child’s education as it unlocks the joys of learning.

Individualised & Personalised Learning

For a number of years, educators have recognised that every child has their own learning needs. This has led to numerous changes in how tutors approach their students. Most critically, tutors now strive to make lessons personalised for your child, ensuring that they get the optimal learning experience.

To achieve this, tuition lessons now are planned with a high degree of flexibility built in. No longer do good tutors go into a session and aim to solely execute their lesson plan. Instead, they are willing to swap the contents of their lessons around in order to facilitate your child’s learning.

A good example of this would be if your child would ask a question that relates to a later topic or a concept that was intended only to be taught at the end of the lesson.

In the past, the tutor may have placed the question on hold as they sought to ensure that your child could fully replicate answers first. However, in recent times, the tables have turned whereby tutors see this as a chance to engage your child and to help him or her comprehend a topic. Therefore, a good tutor now would allow your child to explore this line of thought without halting it.

In this way, your child will be able to piece together various components of a topic, thus making sense of the whole. The benefit driven from this approach is that your child will be better equipped to tackle tricky application questions.

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Experiential Learning

Have you ever felt yourself doubting the importance of a concept or topic when you were a student? If so, you were certainly not alone. In the past, many students have expressed their dismay at having to cracking their brains over a concept that they felt they would never use in their daily life or career.

With this mind, experiential learning is set to disrupt the industry. Experiential learning advocates for your child being involved in activities that mimic or actively apply concepts taught in class. This facilitates your child’s ability to link theory with real world situations.

A good example of experiential learning would be tutors incorporate mini projects or case studies into lessons. In this challenge, the questions asked vague and give room to your child interpret. Consequently, your child would need to make sense of numerous unknown variables and determine the causes before solving them.

Furthermore, attaining the right final answer is no longer the focus in this exercise. Instead, good tutors will constantly question your child on their rationale for the approach. This forces him or her adopt a logical thought process when solving the problem.

The advantages of this approach are twofold. Firstly, your child would comprehend and appreciate the importance of the given topic. Secondly, he or she would be able to rely on this deep experience when attempting to recall or apply concepts during an exam.

Interested to have your child receive experiential learning? Math Learning Groups (MLGS) offers Primary Math Tuition Centre Singapore encourages your child explore real world applications of topics taught in school.

Maximising the Benefits of Technology

In the field of education, technology helps students in two primary ways – accessibility and visualisation or interactivity.

Firstly, technology increases the accessibility of tutors and their materials. For example, if your tutor has caught a cold and is unable to deliver lessons in person to your child, technology would help to overcome this hurdle. With good preparation, your tutor would be able to deliver an effective lesson online. This allows your child to get the help he or she needs in a timely fashion.

Accessibility is also applicable in terms of access to learning materials. Tutors who are willing to go the extra mile often upload digital copies of their learning materials. These allow your child to get their hands-on bonus learning content that enhances their understanding outside class.

Secondly, technology can also help students speed up their learning through interactive programs. Certain concepts may be difficult for your child to visualise without rich media to explain their intricacies.

Well prepared tutors often have researched and procured smart technologies to enhance their students’ learning experience. More importantly, they are able to utilise technology correctly without becoming overly reliant on it.

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Trust MLGS to Help Your Child with Mathematics

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