How effective is online math tuition for your child?

Child having primary online math tuition

Worried that your child has to take the public transport home alone after tuition? The safety and precautions they are taking when they are out and about? You can ensure your child’s safety and well-being with online math tuition. You can opt to have a one-to-one online private tuition or a group session, where your tutor and child will connect through an online platform to conduct the lesson.

However, you might be wondering exactly how effective math tuitions online is for my child? Many parents have doubts about online tuition like you. As it does give them a piece of mind that their child is safe, but they wonder if their child will learn better.

Here are some benefits of having primary math tuition online that proves to be effective for your child.

1. Online math tuition keeps it convenient for both you and your child.

Most tuition centres will schedule a lesson time slot around your child’s school commitments. However, trying to find the perfect time slot where both you and your child are free and committing to the weekly lessons is very challenging. Especially having to factor in the time spent to travel there and back is a hassle.

Online tuitions allow students to learn and study without travelling back and forth to the tuition centre. This eliminates the unnecessary stress for both you and your child of fitting tuition into your busy schedules. This gives your child more time dedicated to completing their homework. Hence, online tuitions are far more flexible and effective for your child’s learning.

Sitting in for lessons

Parents sitting in for child's online math tuition

Have you ever wondered how your child behaves and how lessons are conducted? With online tuitions, you can keep a watchful eye on your child’s learning. Understand how the math lessons are being conducted and evaluate the effectiveness of the lesson. You can also learn together with your child during the online tuition session. Helping your child with their homework will now be a much easier task than before.

2. Learning at your child’s comfort

Online math tuitions allow students to learn and study at their comfort of their homes. Whereby there is no classroom setting, eliminating the feeling of having to be on par with every other student. It creates a less stressful environment for your child to study in without the pressure of losing out to others.

For some students, having face to face lessons can be intimidating experience especially for children who are introverts. Every child is different, and they have their own preferences to what deems to be a comfortable learning environment. Let’s take this as an example. “Your friend’s child aces their math after attending face to face tuition”. This doesn’t mean your child will perform the same even when placed in the same learning setting.

3. Technology makes online tuition fun and engaging.

Child taking online math tuition with electronic device

With the advancement of technology, it gives online tuition an abundance of resources. Such as diagrams, past papers and an interactive whiteboard for both students and tutors to draw and type. Leveraging on the benefits of technology, online math lessons can be recorded. Allowing your child to refer to it as and when they need to. This helps them in their study as they could have missed out pointers, where they now have an easy access to.

New technology is always interesting to children, hence with online tuition, they are more motivated to learn. Your child might not like math but, when they see a math application on their screen, they might think of it as a cool way to learn and play. There is also no need to read and study from a textbook, making tuition less mundane. Leading to higher levels of engagement during tuition. It creates an interactive lesson, which will encourage your child to participate, which is pertinent when it comes to studying.

4. Interactive online tools to enhance your child’s learning.

When you send you child to tuition, you would want them to have a fun time there while they learn. However, lessons get boring with only the tutor talking and writing on the whiteboard. With online tuition, your child is exposed to different interactive online tools during lessons. Boosting their interest to listen and participate during lessons.

The commonly used interactive tool would be teach-from-anywhere Google, virtual whiteboards and screen recording.

Teach from anywhere

Google’s teach from anywhere is a one-stop guide for every online tutor to bring their virtual lessons to live. Tutors can create simple mini or short quizzes with Google forms. A solution to test if your child understood the lessons and topics during the online tuition session. Google Classroom is a tool for tutors to assign homework, grading of assignments and discussions through a paperless fashion.

Virtual whiteboards

Mathematics requires the visual aid of graphs, charts and diagrams for students to visualise and understand the topics. Your online tutors can now easily create these visuals with a virtual whiteboard. Making a fun and interesting learning process for your child. With this added element to your child’s study process, they will not want to miss or skip any tuition lesson.

Screen recording

Screen recording is a solution for many tutors to better explain a math problem. Your online tutors can record their lessons for your child’s future reference. Your child might have questions and doubts when they are doing their math homework. A way to work around this is that your tutor can screen record their solution and explanation. Providing your child with the support and help they need.

5. Customised online tuition suited to your child.

Online math tutor creating a customized learning plan for their online math tuition lesson

Mathematics composes of many sub-subjects and topics. Studying math in a classroom where everyone is learning on the same learning pace is stressful. Some children may feel overlooked as compared to the ‘ace’ student in their class. Some students may excel in certain topics but faces difficulties in the other areas.

Having math tuition online, your online math tutor can easily point out the strengths and weaknesses, creating a customized learning plan for your child. Allowing your child to study at their own pace and focus on the subjects that require more help. Children are also more inclined and encouraged to study with customized lessons designed just for them.

Trust MLGS to Improve Your Child’s Maths

Whatever the reason, signing your child up for maths tuition is a great way to ensure that they are getting the help they need. If you are looking for a maths tuition centre in Singapore, Maths Learning Groups may just be the right one for you.

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