How To Select A Good Math Tutor?

When selecting a mathematics tutor for your child, you should look out for their ability to connect and the degree of customization of their lesson plan to your child. In addition, they should be both accountable and innovative.

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The Importance of Picking a Good Math Tutor

In Singapore, there are literally hundreds or even thousands of tutors for you to choose from. From part timers to full time private tutors, from students to tuition center tutors, the number of choices can be overwhelming. As such, it is understandable that many parents end up with a less than ideal fit between their child and the math tutor of choice.

While this may not seem like a big deal, it actually is since bad tutors could be fatal to your child’s future in the subject. In the worst-case scenario, your child may end up hating the subject.

The Danger of Hiring the Wrong Tutor

Many tutors and tuition centers use outdated teaching methods. Commonly these include pumping out lessons similar to that of a mass production factory. In these cases, tutors chase after tangible outcomes in the shortest time possible. To achieve which, mass repetition and memorization is incorporated into lessons.

The focus here is on what a student needs to know to achieve the next letter grade instead of what they need to learn in order to remain interested and engaged. As such, sequential steps must be practiced and perfected with little room for questioning or understanding outside this scope.

On the surface, seeing your child’s grades improve in the short run may seem like progress. However, this sort of learning has proven to be a surefire way to burnout in your child. He or she will probably become frustrated with mathematics and missed out on the value it brings.

Why a Factory-like Approach Will Ultimately Fail

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Mathematics in Singapore has long shifted away from repetition and memorization. Instead, it now focuses heavily on real world application and word problems that truly test your child’s understanding of a topic.

The aforementioned factory production approach may be great at getting your child to reliably answer basic questions. However, there is a ceiling on the approach. Without having the room to question the topic and explore possibilities within it, your child will struggle when required to apply it to a range of different real-world scenarios.

In such cases, your child may get frustrated right from the get-go as there is no obvious way to apply the generic formula. Instead, only through understanding how the concept applies in the real world will your child be able to manipulate the question’s variables and derive the answer.

What to Look Out For when Choosing Your Child’s Next Math Tutor

If you are searching for the right maths tutor, then consider using the following tips to help you identify a suitable tutor for your child.

Communication Skills

Tutoring or teaching requires fundamental communication skills. Afterall, even if a tutor has all the knowledge in the world, it would be a waste if none of it can be passed on to your child. We recommend that you find a tutor who is able to explain topics in simple terms without having to resort to jargons. Additionally, it is worth looking into their body language. A tutor should be positive and encouraging of all questions from your child.

Communication requires two hands to clap. Even if the tutor is highly vocal, the lesson would be ineffective if your child is not responsive to it. You should actively avoid having your child sit silently throughout a lesson while your tutor speaks continuously. Instead, the right tutor will be able to actively involve your child in the process.

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Challenging Your Child

One of the biggest differentiating factors between a great and good tutor is their ability to challenge your child to be the best version of themselves in a subject. A telltale sign of this is whether the tutor is merely satisfied with your child being able to answer questions on paper. Great tutors often ask alternative scenarios, encouraging your child to think beyond textbook answers.

Furthermore, the right maths tutor for your child should constantly question “why” and “how” instead of just accepting that your child replicated the textbook answer. This keeps your child engaged and forces him or her to gain mastery over the topic.

Be Adaptable in their Lesson Plans

Every child is unique, requiring a customized lesson plan and teaching style in order to bring out their full potential. You should find a maths tutor that is capable of adapting each lesson to your child’s needs. For example, certain children learn best by digesting any theory that a topic has before attempting questions. Others may prefer to learn by tackling questions and figuring out the logic behind a topic along the way.

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Trust MLGS to Help Your Child with Mathematics

Maths Learning Groups was established by Mr. Lawrence Ong, who is NIE-Trained and an ex Primary School Teacher with more than 15 years of teaching experience. We aim to help weaker students to bridge the gap with better-performing students by catering to their learning pace and style.

MLGS strive to provide affordable tuition rates so that no student will be deprived of the opportunity to learn from NIE-Trained teachers. We specialize in offering math tuition classes for students in Primary 3 to Primary 6. Our primary school maths tuition classes help to build up a strong solid foundation in the key mathematics concepts.

Our small group maths tuition and private tuition classes in Singapore help students maximize their learning potential. This ensures that they hone strong critical thinking skills that will carry them through in their education journey.

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