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Is Mathematics Tuition Necessary In Singapore?

The answer to whether a child in Singapore requires mathematics tuition differs for each individual. However, it should be noted that the majority of students receive some form of additional math enrichment outside of their school activities. As such, holding all other factors constant, sending your child for mathematics tuition will allow them to keep pace with their peers.

Tuition in Singapore is Worth more than a Billion

It is a fact that tuition in Singapore is a billion dollar industry based on the Singapore Department of Statistics’ 2019 Household Expenditure Survey. From October 2017 to September 2018, Singaporean households spent a combined total of $1.4 billion SGD on tuition (CNA, 2019). Furthermore, the value of the industry had been on a steady incline over the past several years, having increased from $650 million a decade ago.

Singaporean Parents are Spending on Tuition

According to the same survey, it was found that the average household expenditure on tuition and enrichment classes amounted to $88.40 SGD monthly. As with the total value of the industry, the average monthly household spend was an increase from the $79.90 per month that was recorded in AY2012/13.

Researchers from the survey attributed part of the increase in spending to inflation, however they also acknowledged that social factors were a driving force. In particular, Singapore’s society places a large emphasis on good grades. Moreover, parents are becoming increasingly savvy over how they can maximize the odds of their child succeeding from a young age.

Consequently, tuition and enrichment classes serve as a form of insurance for children’s educational journey. These services help to ensure that your child at very least keeps up with the majority of his or her peers.

Meeting the Demand for Tuition Services

In response to the ever-growing demand for tuition services, the number of tuition or enrichment centers have grown at an equally steady pace. As of at the time of the survey, around 950 centers were recorded, an increase upwards from 700 in 2012. Moreover, the variety of tuition centers has also increased, currently ranging from part time student tutors to full time tuition centers.

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Why Parents are Trusting Mathematics Tuition to Help Their Child

Beyond evening out the playing field for your child, there are several other equally strong benefits that mathematics tuition offers. This includes:

  • Ability to choose the right tutor for your child
  • Dedicated attention for your child’s learning needs
  • Time to focus on weaker topics
  • Giving your child confidence

Choosing the Right Tutor for your Child

To put it frankly, you can’t choose the teachers at school for your child, but you can select child’s tutors. Not all tutors are the same, and their ability to bring out the best in your child should be the single most important consideration point. One child may require a stricter tutor who is able to maintain his or her focus on a complex topic while other children benefit greater from an easy-going flow in their lesson.

While it is nearly impossible to find the perfect fit from the start, many tuition centers offer trail lessons. These free of charge classes allow both you and your child to get a feel for the tutor’s teaching style and determine if there is a good fit.

Dedicated Attention for your Child’s Learning Needs

In this setting, it is up to your child to adapt himself or herself to the teaching style. If you child is unable to do so, he or she will fall behind his or her peers and thus perform poorly for class tests and examinations.

Lessons delivered in school are done so to cater to the majority. This is because teachers conduct lessons for large classes of students under tight timings. Consequently, it is simply not possible for your child’s individual learning ability and style to be taken into consideration. Teachers aim to finish the syllabus before each milestone in the academic year. Only when there is spare time are they able to answer students’ questions in depth.

On the other hand, tuition gives your child the time and attention that he or she needs to clarify any doubts. More importantly, your tutor should be able to adapt teaching methods to help your child attain a true grasp of a topic. This means going above and beyond mere memorization of preset steps. Instead, your child would need to explore the full application and potential of a topic before he or she can answer tougher questions in the exam.

Time to Focus on Weaker Topics

Building on from the last point, your child would have the opportunity to work on weaker topics during tuition. In contrast, teachers have to cater to the majority when addressing weaker or tougher topics. If your child’s uncertainty stems from a topic that is not common to that of their peers, then the teacher may simply be unable to cover it during revision.

The importance of polishing up your child’s competency in weaker topics cannot be understated. We have found that during tests or examinations, students often get flustered on their weaker topics, incurring stress. This carries forward onto their stronger topics, thus affecting their overall performance. In the worst of scenarios, it is possible that your child may suffer a mind block as he or she becomes overly stress or anxious.

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Giving Your Child Confidence

Finally, tuition also gives your child a boost in confidence. Even outside of exams, students may not be able to fully enjoy their time in school if they are overly worried about keeping up with their peers. Tuition held either in advance of or after school lessons will allow your child to spend time more efficiently. For example, he or she could join co-curricular activities or socializing with friends.

Trust MLGS to Help Your Child with Mathematics

Maths Learning Groups was established by Mr. Lawrence Ong, who is NIE-Trained and an ex Primary School Teacher with more than 15 years of teaching experience. We aim to help weaker students to bridge the gap with better-performing students by catering to their learning pace and style.

We strive to provide affordable tuition rates so that no student will be deprived of the opportunity to learn from NIE-Trained teachers. We specialise in offering math tuition classes for students in Primary 3 to Primary 6. Our maths enrichment for primary school classes help to build up a strong solid foundation in the key mathematics concepts.

Our primary school maths tuition classes in Singapore is committed to help students maximise their learning potential. This ensures that they hone strong critical thinking skills that will carry them through in their education journey.

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