What Makes A Great Private Tutor

Education is an important aspect in our child’s development. Having a good foundation in what they learn in primary school is pivotal to their future. As parents, when our child is struggling with maths in school, we might contemplate getting a private maths tutor to help improve their academic standing and build their confidence in mathematics.

However, some parents may not know what to look out for when hiring a private tutor for primary school maths tuition. In this blog, we have curated a list of important qualities to help you hire a good private maths tutor for your child.

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Why You Should Choose A Private Tutor?

With private tuition, your child is able to receive the tutor’s full attention. The tutor would then be able to analyse your child’s learning abilities. They can focus on providing solutions for your child’s weaknesses.

Especially children who learn slower, private tuition allows the learning schedule to be altered to suit your child’s learning pace.

In contrast, group tuition is good for students who like to discuss answers and learn better in a social setting.

Qualities To Look Out For In A Private Tutor


Some students struggle with subjects because they are fearful of their teacher, rather than the subject. When a child fears a teacher, they often begin to dislike the subject because they dislike attending that strict teacher’s class. This makes it difficult for them to focus on the subject they are learning.

As such, it is important that your private tutor is approachable so that your child can develop an open attitude toward the subject. With an approachable tutor, it might help to renew your child’s interest in the subject. Furthermore, your child is more likely to enjoy and look forward to lessons with an approachable tutor. Any doubts your child has is more likely to be clarified when they are not afraid of asking the tutor questions.

Good Knowledge Of Subject

It is important for a tutor to have good knowledge of the subject matter that they are teaching. This is a basic requirement a tutor should have. A tutor can teach something best when they know and understand it well. This also ensures that your tutor is teaching your child concept correctly.

Knows How To Teach

However, only having a good grasp of the subject matter does not make a good tutor. It needs to be combined with the ability to teach. A good tutor should know how to pass on the knowledge they know and promote learning.

Knowing how to teach includes being able to reframe problems and having different approaches and solutions to help the student understand what they don’t. They should also be able to explain concepts and solve problems in a way that the student can understand. Another important factor is promoting learning. Ultimately, your tutor is here to help your child improve and eventually become an independent learner.


Patience is an important quality for any teacher to have. Some students are slow learners and may struggle or take a long time to understand even the most simple concepts. In addition, some may need time to adjust to a new teacher. As such, a good private tutor should be patient enough to handle all the questions a child might ask and continually try different ways to help them understand instead of simply giving up on them.

Having a patient tutor will make your child feel more comfortable especially if they are slow learners. If a tutor is not patient, they might take shortcuts with your child which might affect their learning.


When you opt for private tuition, you expect to get the full attention of the tutor for your child. As mentioned earlier, the benefit of private tuition is the ability to customise lessons and learning pace according to your child’s needs.

Typical schools follow a standard curriculum which expects a student to learn at the typical pace that the school wants them to. A good private tutor should understand that they cannot teach by the typical standards that is taught in school. That will not help your child in any way.

A good private tutor should be able to adapt their teaching style and teaching pace to your child’s personality, ability and pace.


You want to find a private tutor who is committed and dedicated to teaching your child. They should plan and prepare their lessons ahead of time.

A tutor who improvises what they teach the entire lesson is different from one who is intelligent.

Contact MLGS For Private Maths Tutor

Maths Learning Groups (MLGS) was established by Mr Lawrence Ong, an NIE-trained and ex primary school teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience.

At MLGS, our tuition rates are affordable so that all students from any background can have access to quality enrichment and tuition. We aim to help weaker students to bridge the gap with better-performing students by catering to their learning pace and style.

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